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CK Prahalad Book 2

This book is an intimate and rare collection of more than 30 stories of top Indian business leaders about how late Professor CK Prahalad inspired and guided them through their most painful journey after the 1991 Economic Reforms. Most of them, who didn’t think they could survive the MNC onslaught, went on to build profitable global enterprises.


At a time when most business and management ideas are getting debunked CK’s radical approach to strategy, managing people, leadership, teaching, and life, will continue to be relevant and will interest business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, students, and the academia around the world.


The first edition, published in 2014, covered a wide area and was perceived as CK’s biography. This edition covers more business pole-vaulting stories with a separate chapter on India’s mammoth potential to become a global leader in healthcare.

Becoming You - Caroline Book

Six humans willing to show you what they went through – the good and the bad from five different countries with a diverse range of experiences. This book offers you a melange of experience and expertise in Entrepreneurship, networking and relationships, failure and success, social influence and branding, pain and struggle, unconditional love and what it means and how it feels to be intentional in your life.


Diverse and unique paths to nurture Self discovery,

Powerful stories about life transitions,

Building meaningful relationships personally and professionally.

The impact of earnestness in business and life.


Tried and tested practices and a depth of experiences you. We invite you on this journey of honesty with us and that through your own growth we are with youPeace & blessings !

Smash cover page

Badminton has become a popular sport in India thanks to Prakash Padukone, Pullela Gopichand, Saina Nehwal, P V Sindhu, Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponnappa, Kidambi Srikanth, and a few others. Each of them has a riveting story. The author has tried to weave all their stories into a fascinating canvas.


This book is about how Indian badminton emerged as a global powerhouse in over a decade; what’s gone into the making of several world champions; who all played pivotal roles, and much more. It also reflects on the current shortcomings that could slow down the rise of the sport and how they could be addressed.


Anyone keen on learning the secrets of peak performance from Indian champions and their coaches; how to bounce back stronger from setbacks; how and how not to lead a team, will find this book appealing.

Growth Nuggets cover

Rajesh Srinivasan has distilled around 135 small bites of thought from his professional experience as a Marketing Strategy Consultant. These nuggets of perspective will enrich your mind, thereby enriching your business.


The book also has illustrations that will spark your imagination and hone strategic thinking.


Spanning Sales, Marketing, Branding, Communication, Consumer Focus, Disruption and Strategy & Mindset, these ideas will induce introspection and will make you look at your business in a new light.


If you are an entrepreneur or a marketing enthusiast this book will surely be a great value addition to your library.

Parenting in the Digital Neighborhood

The internet is a great place. Alluring. And full of jazzy things to do. If this is so for adults, imagine what it must be for little children and teenagers. For them, it is a rabbit hole that leads to a whole new world: strange, exciting, sometimes weird and often confusing. While the internet helps our children in many ways, it has several threats lurking around, too. Threats that, if we are not careful about them, could have severe repercussions. From phishing to sexting to stalking, danger comes in various forms in the digital world.


So, does this mean that we don’t allow our kids to use the internet at all? No. It just means that we must sensitize them to the risks involved and guide them on the precautions they must take. In this effort, we parents must be their friends and guides.


Parenting in the Digital Neighborhood lays bare the wonderful benefits and the threats of the online world and gives your children a simple pathway to navigate the world of emails, instant messages, social networks, social media and online games safely. And it guides you, the parent, on being an effective digital parent who helps their children navigate this world in a balanced, safe and confident manner.


With its simple language, practical approach and clear tips, this is an invaluable handbook for parents of little children and teenagers across the world.

our differences within the beast

Denied freedom, stripped of civil rights, and caged like wild animals, Nasir and Jax embark on a journey of self-discovery. Deprived of every material comfort or convenience they begin to find truth and meaning in words and relationships. Forced to live in Primitive conditions they cast aside political correctness and explore discussions on race, religion, and family. Nasir is a black Muslim, Jax is a white Christian; culturally they are different, biologically they are the same. Their conversations may aggravate, they may penetrate, they will surely educate. There are conversations unlike anything else you will read or likely encounter. Take a short trip with us as we journey into The Beast.

SOAR! contains the essence of the powerful, practical knowledge I have gained from my deep research on the glass ceiling effect and the limiting stereotypes women face every day. In this book, you will read about women leaders who have been in the same situation as you — but have surmounted them without turning feminazis. Also, you will learn the mindset, processes, and tools you can use to break through the glass ceiling and achieve growth and success in the face of all odds.

Fantasy Coverpage

This is a fantasy book written by a small girl of 11 years. She has explained a story of 2 sisters who goes to their grand mother’s home during the holidays and the story is narrated by their grand mother

22 till I die coverpage

In 22 Till I Die!, Ganesh Vancheeswaran, an entrepreneur with a multi-track career, picks out precious nuggets of learning and insight from his 22-year long career and shares them with you. The learnings span his stints as a corporate professional and entrepreneur, and reflect his freewheeling personality. Narrated skilfully, and shining with equal parts wit, humility and zest, these thoughts are packed with practical wisdom and unconventional thinking.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, entrepreneur or corporate executive, you will find these powerful thoughts useful in helping you shape a meaningful, thriving career for yourself. And you will cherish this book as your long-time guide and companion.

One more book on Mathematics Guide is going on and will soon be uploaded to Kindle.

There are also some more books which I have worked

Typing in Kannada for Dr. Abdul Kalam’s biography “Agniya Rekkegalu” was done by me


1st Edition of CK Prahalad’s Book CK Prahalad: The Mind of the Futurist Rare Insights on Life, Leadership & Strategy”

One more book Baba Iqbal Singh – Mission to Reboot Punjab Through Value – Based Education”

For the above books, I designed only the cover page. These were written by Mr. Benedict Paramanand.


I designed a total book for an NGO Needy Heart Foundation,  explaining their total activities was done some years back.


Coffee Table Book for Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics was designed by me.