Online Emailer Facility

An online Emailer facility called Zoho is used for which is created and published monthly. As the articles are published on the website, they have some email subscribers, for whom we need to send an email that has an article heading and some amount of text, it is re-designed using the page builder supplied by Zoho to create a design.


It will have a hyperlink of all the articles on the website. If the subscribers click on the link, it will take them to the respective articles. They can read them.


It has an option to store all the emails of subscribers, Zoho gives a free version for 2000 emails. If our database exceeds the free limit, then it will be charged. The list is on the Zoho website.


To publish the emailer we should have a corporate email and no personal email works for this. It also gives a chance to review the emailer before publishing it. We can change the content of it at that time, as we cannot stop it after we publish it.


I have also started to publish emailers through Mailchimp for various other clients from January 2021. I have created an emailer for AutomativeLead through it.


I also publish the emailer in another service called Magzter. It is an online service where we will upload a .pdf version of the file. If anybody wants to read the articles, they can see a sample of the magazine and then must purchase it to read in full.