Professional Details

I am a Graphic Designer having 25+ years’ rich experience in delivering optimal results & business value in high-growth environments in Graphic Designing, Creative Designing & Commercial Art in Printing Industry. Now equipped to design webpages according to the client’s needs. Many of my clients include; publishers, businessmen, institutes, and others.


Holds the distinction of being one of the designers in Bangalore to test Adobe InDesign before it was officially introduced in India.


Has the ability to perform slide presentations for any event, as I have experience of doing it in various places


  • Incharge of projecting details of speakers on the screen during Bangalore Business Literature Festival
  • Slide presentation in Hospitals
  • Slide presentation in an Educational Academy
  • Slide presentation during Anthyakshari Nite in Windsor Manor Hotel
  • Also created slides for many other organisations…


Achieved II Class in District Level Painting Contest held by the Government of Karnataka, in 1987.

Diploma in Industrial Training Packages

Did my basic course in computers in Parimal Computers during the year 1992, learning on WordStar (later called MS Word), DBase 3+ (Later called Oracle), Lotus 123 (Later called MS Excel), Fox Base, and Basic Programming. Here I had a flavour of how to work in COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language). Here I came to also know about basic skills in handling computers and also how to work on DOS (Disk Operating System) Platform.

Basic Internet Packages (HTML5 and CSS) and Design Course in Photoshop

Had a Certificate Course as “Web Weaver (Dreamweaver)” through Arena Multimedia in Internet packages, where I was thought how to work with HTML and CSS. Here I also came to know what is the Internet and how it got evolved through ages. Who were the men behind it and other details?

I also had the opportunity of growing my skills in Photoshop, where I was able to re-create many designs that were given to me as a project. I re-created them and submitted them to get a certificate in it.

Certificate in Digital Transformation Program Mean Stack

Had a Certificate Course of 7 week’s duration in Digital Mean Stack, through NIIT. Where I was taught of doing online ticket booking, where the main program was done on Bootstrap in frontend and the connected program on the backend was involved for selecting the theatre, movie, show timings, seat booking and then payment gateway and all other connected works using JavaScript (NodeJS, AngularJS, ExpressJS, and others).

You can see my works in GitHub.

Designing Website using Word Press

Had a Certificate Course of 7 weeks duration in WordPress through Evolet Technologies. Here I was taught from step 1 of how to install WordPress through the server-side using Xampp and hosting it through GoDaddy. I was also taught of designing websites through dashboard and introduction to cPanel and Plex.

Using the knowledge I gained through Evolet Technologies, I could bring my own profile site. Where I have explained my experience, skills, and other details.

Other courses from Udemy

I had an opportunity to learn online classes in, WordPress Business Certificate Course, SEO, Analytics, Drupal, Joomla through Udemy, an online university to learn any software connected to computers.

Here I was taught how to troubleshoot WordPress and also many skills of working in WordPress. Using the knowledge I could work on other magazine sites.

I even learnt many other skills of how to manage websites and implement SEO and Analytics to them.

Designing on Windows Platform, working on various software

Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Acrobat DC, CorelDraw, Microsoft Office, Atom (a code editing software)

Key Competencies

  • Layout Management
  • Visualization/Conceptualization
  • Designing
  • Scanning
  • Graphic & Print Designs
  • Webdesign
  • Campaign Designing

Personal Details

Date of Birth

2nd October 1972

Languages Known

Speak – English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and fairly Telugu
Read – English, Hindi, Kannada, and fairly Tamil
Write – English, Hindi, Kannada, and fairly Tamil

Languages which I know to operate

Kannada (any type of sample),
Hindi, Tamil & Telugu (only printed sample)